In today’s cashless economy, terminals are essential tools for businesses and consumers alike. These devices have transformed the way we make payments, offering
convenience, security, and efficiency. Our terminals are designed to support multiple payment channels.


First-rate security

Adheres to industry norms and incorporates the most recent advancements in security technology.

Effortless Linkage

Establish connections for your POS terminals using a range of methods to prevent disruptions.

User (Staff)

Manage the ownership of device in a clear and easy way. Able to remotely set device general, hardware, permission, and UI setting

Around-the-clock Assistance

Our professional support team is ready to assist you whenever and wherever you need help.


Financial level IoT platform based on payment scenarios. It works well with all payment terminals, and others from third party through a unified interface.

Device Management

Partner Management

Merchant Management

System Setting

App Management

OTA Update

Batch Task

WiseOS Setting

WiseCloud provides over 8 functional modules, covering various scenarios of smart/non-smart terminal device operation and management.


Infinitepay provides various smart payment terminals applied in different scenarios.

P Series

EMV Android POS support Credit Card, Debit Card, Prepaid Card, QR payment

Self-Service Series

Exceptional durability and reliability even in completely unattended settings.

N Series

Non EMV Android POS support Gift Card, QR Payment and different of EFT options

T Series

EMV Android Tablet support Credit Card, Debit Card, Prepaid Card, QR Payment

Q Series

QR Payment Speaker designed for instant audio payment confirmation

R Series

Lightweight credit, debit, prepaid, gift card reader