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Certified Rated-3 Data Centre: Premier Performance Assured

Step into our Certified Rated-3 Data Centre, where excellence meets reliability. Engineered for unmatched uptime and reliability, our facilities boast redundant components, multiple power and cooling paths, and concurrent maintainability. Backed by a High Uptime SLA of 99.99%, we ensure uninterrupted availability for your systems and applications, supported by proactive monitoring and maintenance.

Optimized High-Density Data Centre

Designed for high power density deployments, our Data Centre solutions enable you to efficiently utilize space and maximize computing power. By consolidating servers and equipment, you can reduce your physical footprint and operational costs while achieving superior energy efficiency. This approach ensures that your resources are used effectively, supporting your growing needs without compromising on performance or reliability.


NTT CBJ Cyberjaya DC – Tier 3 Certified, PCI-DSS Certified, ISO27 Certified

Our Range of Solutions

Shared Rack Solutions

Scalable and cost-effective, our Shared Rack options offer quarter or half rack configurations, providing flexibility without compromising on resources.

Flexible Co-location Services

Secure rack space within our Data Centre facilities, complete with customizable configurations and connectivity options, to meet diverse deployment needs.

Customized Dedicated Servers

Fully managed solutions tailored to your performance and reliability requirements, ensuring optimal performance for critical workloads.

Exclusive Private Suites

Tailored environments ranging from 1,000sqft to 15,000sqft, providing heightened security, privacy, and control over your infrastructure.

Dedicated Rack Infrastructure

Exclusive rack space for organizations requiring stringent security measures, ensuring isolation from other tenants for compliance-driven environments or sensitive workloads.

Cutting-Edge Containment Data Centre

Utilizing advanced containment technologies to optimize cooling efficiency and reduce cooling costs through segregation of hot and cold airflows.

Seamless Disaster Recovery Work Areas

Dedicated, shared, and ad-hoc Work Area options to support teams during recovery scenarios, equipped with essential amenities and connectivity for uninterrupted collaboration.

Resilient Business Continuity Spaces

Tailored for your needs, these reserved workspaces ensure privacy and security during emergencies, supporting focused critical tasks.

Our shared workspaces offer cost-effective solutions for crisis situations, facilitating collaborative efforts while minimizing operational costs.

Designed for seamless operations during crises, these dedicated spaces guarantee uninterrupted business continuity with essential amenities.

Quick and efficient ad-hoc solutions for short-term emergency needs, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Unique Advantages

Fortified Security

Our Data Centre facilities deploy cutting-edge technology, including biometric access controls and comprehensive surveillance, ensuring uncompromised data integrity and security against unauthorized access and environmental threats.

Effortless Linkage

Engineered for unwavering performance, our infrastructure guarantees unparalleled uptime with redundant systems and industry-leading SLAs. With multi-site Data Centre networks and robust disaster recovery capabilities, we ensure resilience and mitigate the risk of downtime and data loss.

User (Staff)

Our seasoned professionals possess strategic prowess to tailor bespoke solutions aligned with your objectives, ensuring precision and effectiveness in implementation and oversight.

Around-the-clock Assistance

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, our inherently scalable solutions seamlessly adjust to your evolving needs, from shared rack space to dedicated suites, empowering uninterrupted growth and innovation.